When You've Had Enough

Has a particular situation in your world been dragging on and on? Maybe you’ve been patiently waiting for it to resolve ~ and now it’s been years. You’ve been living with continuous discomfort ~ because it hasn’t gotten extreme. And when you look back at the last five years of your life, you realize that you’ve made only incremental progress. 

Luckily, this is a resolvable situation. You just need a little more fire.

In the effort to be peaceful, we make an enemy out of our anger. In the effort to be enlightened, we make an enemy out of our ego. In the effort to be tolerant, we forget to say “No” ~ and even worse, we forget to say “Yes”. It’s no wonder men feel castrated and almost 25% of American women are depressed. We are all like sheep on a death march, plodding blindly toward the slaughter.

Remember, instead, who you are. The fire of creation burns in your belly and loins. The sexual, creative force is an integral part of who you are. If you have the damper placed on your inner “stove”, pull that baby out and let the fire roar. When you do, you’ll shift the situations in your life that are stagnant.

Does this mean you need a sexual partner to start making progress? Not at all. If you’re in partnership, set your intention, grab your sweetie, and start to play. If you’re walking a solitary path at this time in life, channel your passion into the parts of your life that you want to awaken. Call on your inner fire to push back against the oppression of niceness. Move the energy in your life and make a difference.

Desire brought you into embodiment, and it is a guiding principle for life once you’re here. So ask yourself: what do you really want? What makes you feel alive?

No one is going to give you permission to do this, but don’t let that stop you. Assume that you not only have permission, but also a sacred responsibility to turn your life on. Bypass your shame and constriction from control. Reach down in the core of your belly and activate your creative power. Stand as the warrior that you are.

There is no situation in your life so entrenched that you cannot shift it. It just takes fire. Determination. Focus. Perseverance. And then, at the end of the push of focused intent, it takes allowing. For just as you let go while in sacred embrace, you let go as you manifest the shifts in your life. Your creative energy moves into the world and reunites with Source. And in that moment you remember that beyond your personality is your power, and you and Source are one.

To your success,